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 So are you interested in working with the best mining faction in the galaxy, get the most experience and the best pay? Then you are welcome to apply to join us in Imperial Resource Extraction. To apply, you must complete a few steps...

  * New Characters: Starting Location

If you do not have a character, or have not selected a starting location yet, refrain from selecting a starting location until you've been accepted into Imperial Resource Extraction. If you've already selected a starting location, disregard this step and continue with the next step.

 * Joining the Faction

In the Darkness client, go to the Faction section. Once there, there should be a "Join Faction" option; select that, and it will display a list of factions to join. Select “Imperial Resource Extraction”, and continue on to send in an application! It is recommended that you list a number of things in the message you send with your application. Your top 5 skills, a short reason why you wish to join, and past experiences are expected in this message.

 * Once accepted

Once you're accepted in the Darkness client, you're officially part of Imperial Resource Extraction; but you're not finished yet! You still need to register on the fourms:

 * Registering:

You'll need to sign up on the Imperial Holonet and the Ministry of Industry's fourms, which are listed bellow. You'll soon have your infofields updated and you'll be contacted by someone from the Department of Operations.

→ visit us on IRC: #cmg-ire