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Business network

Galactic Empire

The Galactic Empire is the only legitimate government in the Galaxy. All of our work, and the work of other nationalised factions, is directed to help the betterment of the Empire. Being a part of any of the NAT's will give you a chance of becoming an Imperial citizen, and an productive member of the Imperial Ministry of Industry.

Imperial Resource Extraction

IRE is generally awesome, with awesome leadership and awesome personnel, using awesome navy guys for their artwork need. But don't be confused, this awesomeness comes mostly cause of the inhailing of some awesome tibanna gas.

Imperial Resource Converison

Imperial Resource Conversions is the new recycling NAT of the Galactic Empire. Abandoning the criminal ways of Jah Unubunko they become productive members of the Imperial Ministry of Industry, offering recycling services to both the Galactic Empire and to the other NAT's.

Corellian Engineering Corporation

Trough the merger of Sienar Fleet Systems into Corellian Engineering Corporation, the 2nd biggest ship producer in the Galaxy was created. Aiming to fulfill all of the needs the Imperial war machine has in ships CEC produces hundreds of new ships to meet the demands set before them.

Magnauard Manufacturing

Magnaguard Manufactoring has become the premier droid supplier for the needs of the Galactic Empire. From R units to combat units, thousands of droids leave their factories ready to be used. Magnaguard is best known by the quality of design and the quality of their products.

Myorzo Weapon Systems

Myorzo Weapon Systems is one of the key pieces for the success of the Imperial Army and Navy, making enough weaponry for the Empire to fight of the Rebel and Pirate scum. With MWS, Imperial military personnel can rest assure that their weapons will never fail them in combat.

Primus Medical

Primus Medical is the center of all medical technology the Galactic Empire needs, as well as a educational place for combat medics and surgeons. Their products are used daily by the diligent Imperial troops that were wounded while fighting to preserve the Imperial way of life.

Kuat Society

Aldo not directly a part of the Empire's NAT's system, the Kuat Society factions, Kuat Drive Yards and Kuat System Engineering, are the always trusted allies of the Ministry of Industry and the Galactic Empire. The largest ship and vehicle producers are always here when the Empire needs something done.